Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is Marmalade.....A wonderful cat, loves to be with people, curious, SLOW, deep fur and a bob tail...always has been....I hear from a neighbor that he roams around, visiting others but all seem to enjoy his company. If we are gone for a few days, he will wander...and then it takes him a while to discover that we are back and it is ok for him to return. We assume he eats here as his food is available, but there are other cats here and so we don't know for sure. He never looks thinner when he returns so we feel like he is being fed by one of his fans....what a life....if you see him, scratch his ears...he likes that best....

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  1. Did I completely miss you starting a blog in January? I wish you would start it back up! You have always been so good with words, and you pictures are too good not to share. And, I love this picture of you and daddy- other people need to see it :) Love you. Enjoy your trip!